Drive until……什么剧情 大众制造







大众推出了以“Drive until……”为主题的系列广告片,描绘男主人公在人生的关键时刻到来时的表现。目前有两支,分别是求婚和结婚前的一刻。如果还没有足够的勇气或时机未到,那就一直一直把车开下去吧……







Volkswagen, which translates as “the People’s Car”, is collaborating with their fans to create the third installment of the recently launched “Drive Until…” campaign for the Golf. The idea is get fans involved through Facebook, letting them be a part of the creative and production process in real time. The initiative not only helps the fans create the kind of spot they’d like to see, it also gives people a glimpse “under the hood” to see the process involved in making a television ad. The first two advertisements in the series follow a man, in his early 30s, as he takes two very important steps in his life. The first installment, “Courage”, shows the man driving his Golf around the block repeatedly, as he mentally prepares to propose to his girlfriend. When he makes up his mind and parks the car in front of his girlfriend’s house, the words “Drive until you find the courage.” appear on the screen. The second spot, “Time”, shows the same man driving around in his Golf with his three best friends the night before the wedding. As the man prepares to head into the church, the words “Drive until it’s time.” appear. In order to complete the trilogy, Volkswagen Canada will ask fans what the next chapter in the “Drive Until…” series should be. From there, Volkswagen and advertising agency Red Urban will work with the fans to generate the script, make decisions on actors, music and a number of other key decisions.

Advertising Agency: Red Urban, Canada
Creative Director: Christina Yu
Art Directors: Christina Yu, Damian Simev
Copywriters: Matt Syberg-Olsen, Jon Taylor
Agency Producer: David Isaac
Account Supervisor: Sonia Ruckemann
Account Director: Caroline Kilgour
Director: Jean-Michel Ravon
Production Company: Untitled Films
DP: John Houtman
Executive Producer: Lexy Kavluk
Line Producer: Tuula Hopp
Editorial: Rooster Post Production
Editor: Paul Jutras
Assistant Editor: Yumi Suyama
Colourist: Eric Whipp / Alter Ego
Online / VFX: Track & Field VFX
Flame Artists: Ernie Mordak & Andrew Rolfe
Music / Sound House: Apollo Studios
Producer: Didier Toval
Music Track: “ Keep The Lights On” by Wave Machines
Co-prod: Carling Doubt & Angelina Milanovic
Engineer: Brad Nelson
Assist Engineer: Harry Knazen

The TV Commercial titled Drive until was done by Untitled Films advertising agency for product: Volkswagen Golf (brand: Volkswagen) in Canada. It was released in the Jun 2011. Business sector is: Cars.

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