W+K被Advertising Age 和Creativity评为年度最佳机构


Wieden + Kennedy被美国商业期刊Advertising Age 和 Creativity评为年度最佳机构。
Wieden + Kennedy has been named Agency of the Year by key US trade mags Advertising Age and Creativity.

“For the first time, Ad Age and Creativity are honoring the same top shop. And for good reason. When it came to bold idea-making and strong execution, nobody did it like this Portland, ore.-based stalwart. Couple that with its newfound mettle in building strong client bonds and it won the business case, too.”

Advertising Age和Creativity第一次把第一名都给同一家机构,而且理由给的也很充分。说到大胆创新和强大的执行力,没有别的机构能比的上位于波特兰的W+K了。他们与客户建立稳定的关系,也赢来了商业案例。

Creativity said:

“Creativity considers all agency types in its agency of the year selection process — digital, full service and everything in between — so only one top agency emerges from that multidisciplinary pile. But no agency can win without demonstrating a “digital” mindset in its work, and an overall fitness to thrive in a digital world. Wieden simply represented the best all-round agency, one that happened to distinguish itself by having the best digital campaign of the year.”


These latest accolades come on top of what was a pretty amazing 2010 for W+K in terms of Agency and Campaign of the Year-type things. There’s no way to list this stuff without sounding like a bunch of smug gits, but here goes:


- Campaign颁发的2010年最佳机构
- Campaign Network of the Year 2010

- Adweek颁发的2010年最佳机构
- Adweek Agency of the Year 2010

- Advertising Age颁发的2010年最佳机构
- Advertising Age agency of the Year 2010

- Creativity颁发的2010年最佳机构
- Creativity Agency of the Year 2010

- SHOOT颁发的2010年最佳机构
- SHOOT magazine Agency of the Year 2010

- Pitch / YouGov调查 客户心目中英国数字机构 第一名
- Ranked by clients as UK’s #1 digital agency (Pitch / YouGov survey)

- Equal调查 战略规划心目中世界规划机构 第一名
- Ranked by strategic planners as world’s #1 (equal) for planning

- Youtube 病毒营销品牌观看次数第五位
- Five out of the year’s top ten most-watched brand virals on YouTube

- Campaign颁发Nike 写下未来 为2010年最佳营销
- Nike Write the Future named Campaign’s Campaign of the Year

- 戛纳广告节三项大奖
- Three Grands Prix at Cannes Festival

- Nike广告获得Campaign Big Awards大奖
- Top prize at Campaign Big Awards for Nike

- Nokia广告获得Epica Europe Awards大奖
- Top prize at Epica Europe Awards for Nokia

- Nike广告获得One Show Interactive大奖
- Top Prize at One Show Interactive for Nike

Creativity也引用了Dan Wieden的话:
Creativity quotes founder Dan Wieden as follows:

“In any company you go through a period of thinking, this is not like the good old days,” Mr. Wieden said. “Well, the good old days were never as good as this last year.”


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