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In an Absolut World

North America ? Since 1981, ABSOLUT VODKA, the leading international premium spirits brand, has defined and paid tribute to contemporary culture by inviting artists, designers, and musicians to offer their interpretation of the ABSOLUT brand. Now, once again, ABSOLUT is breaking new ground with “In An ABSOLUT World.”

The global campaign allows ABSOLUT to communicate the brand’s leadership position and premium quality, while at the same time allowing consumers to now take part in the discussion. “In An Absolut World” sparks conversation and challenges consumers to express their visions of the world?The ABSOLUT World.

Making this a truly global experience was the collaboration of TBWA offices around the World? including TBWA\Paris, TBWA\Berlin, TBWA\Teran in Mexico City and TBWA\Buenos Aires, in the creative process, with lead agency TBWA\Chiat\Day New York. Partner agencies worked with TBWA\Chiat\Day and provided ideas, insights into their local markets, rich discussion and concepts.

The new campaign is not about “perfection” but about making the world better by seeing it with fresh eyes. “In An ABSOLUT World” is a vision of the ideal world, and asks the question “What if everything in the world were approached with the same ideals with which ABSOLUT approaches vodka?”

It is reminiscent of the classic ABSOLUT campaign in both style and sophistication, but carries a wittier, bolder voice. Each piece of communication ? print, broadcast, out-of-home, public relations, on-premise promotions, or viral ? challenges the status quo and our tacit acceptance of the world as it currently stands while enabling the brand to continue to be the vanguard of contemporary social discourse.

The first TV spot, “Protest” broke in mid-May in the U.S. It was filmed in Montevideo, Uruguay and directed by Fredrik Bond, one of the world’s most highly regarded commercial directors, along with his Academy-Award winning cinematographer Guillermo Navarro.

“Protest” depicts a conflict that is solved with a pillow fight, a higher form of conflict resolution?one a little less extreme and consequential. TBWA\Berlin took advantage of the spot’s positive message and ran it for a short time surrounding the recent G8 conference in Berlin.

The subjects chosen cover everything from wide-ranging global themes and universal truths to small slices of life. As the campaign evolves, you will see commentary on topics and ideas big and small, serious and humorous, timeless and of-the-moment.

As part of the U.S. launch, on May 14th, ABSOLUT began a week of viral activities in New York City aimed to bring the ABSOLUT World to life. This included rickshaw rides in Soho and the Meatpacking District; free music downloads in Union Square, MetroCard giveaways and VIP treatment at select downtown restaurants and clubs.

Print launched in June in the U.S. with five executions. Two more executions will follow in the fall.

The campaign continues throughout the summer with customized out-of-home executions in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Miami, Las Vegas, and Chicago that speak directly to these local communities, both with the creative execution and the media choices. An execution entitled “Goat” is running in the Chicago market and has struck a chord with media and consumers alike. “Goat” references a long-time Chicago legend that the Chicago Cubs have not won a World Series since a fan and his billy goat were kicked out of the stadium. “In An ABSOLUT World,” the goat would be allowed in the stadium, and the Cubs Win!

Social responsibility is an important part of ABSOLUT’s corporate identity and is present in all executions. A broadcast spot called “Taxi,” featuring a young couple exiting a club, drives home the responsibility message. As the man presses his key fob, it signals a taxi instead of unlocking his car. A print ad (to be launched in the Fall) complements the “Taxi” TVC, further enforcing the idea that “In An ABSOLUT World” responsibility is never an option.

The campaign is global and currently running in Germany, Mexico, Spain, Greece and Canada. It will continue to launch in other markets throughout 2008.

Though the campaign is new, the brand’s unique authority to define the pop culture moment is still there in the creative and witty voice that has marked the brand as iconic for more than 25 years.

What is the idea behind “In An ABSOLUT World”?

From the ideal (absolute) vodka comes a vision of an idealized world.

Why is it relevant for ABSOLUT to have a social discourse?

ABSOLUT has always been a vanguard of contemporary culture and social discourse. As these evolve and change, so does ABSOLUT and the way its leading communications inspire this.

What are you trying to achieve with the new campaign? Are you hoping to spark debate about the subject matter?

A strong reaction and personal response are desired outcomes of each execution.We are provoking our audience to express themselves and their opinions. This is not about sparking debate for its own sake or pushing any kind of agenda.

What are you doing online to bring this campaign to life?

Audience engagement, interactivity, and co-creation are all important strengths of this idea. Online we’ll be partnering with consumers to co-create new visions of An Absolut World.

Are you planning any outdoor spectaculars or any non-traditional media placements that ABSOLUT is famous for?

Outdoor is very important to making this idea both big and locally relevant. Our initial launch includes outdoor boards leveraging local insights. Spectaculars are part of the mix as well.

Why did you choose the subjects that feature in the campaign?

Working with our TBWA network partners in Berlin, Paris, Mexico City and Buenos Aires gave us a wide range of subjects to demonstrate the range of the idea, from small slices of local life to big, universal truths. As the campaign unfolds and evolves, you can expect commentary on topics and ideas big and small, serious and humorous, timeless and of-the-moment.

There are quite a few new campaigns launching for popular vodka brands right now, how do you see this one standing out?

ABSOLUT has always been unique as a true arbiter of popular culture. No other spirits brand (and very few brands in general, for that matter) has the legitimacy and permission to have a conversation with consumers on so many levels. This next idea continues to stand out in the category with its sophisticated, stylish sensibility and universal appeal. Furthermore, with this idea, ABSOLUT is provoking thought and expression well beyond the traditional subjects of spirits advertising. It is truly the next bit of popculture from ABSOLUT.

The bottle campaign is one of the most successful campaigns in the industry. Was there ever any consideration of going back to it or any second thoughts now about walking away from it?

We are not walking away from the bottle campaign; we are building from it. The old campaign is a fixture in popculture, but to continue to be a leader in marketing and a vanguard of contemporary culture, the brand has to find new and relevant ways to engage and interact with our audiences. This new campaign allows us to best do this in a way that pushes new boundaries in subject matter and execution, in a broader range of media and points of engagement.

Last year you released “The ABSOLUTES” campaign. How is this different? What were the results of that last effort? Why are you not continuing?

“The ABSOLUTES” was an idea tailored for the US market. Building from this and its message of “THE ABSOLUT VODKA”, we have made the idea even bigger, more interactive, and more universal.

How have your employees reacted to the campaign?

Evolving one of the most successful and beloved campaigns of the 20th Century was no small task and one we all took on with great care and respect. Because of that, this is one of the biggest ideas in advertising today and our teams are immensely proud to be a part of establishing it and bringing it to life.

How much are you spending on the campaign launch?

We do not disclose those numbers, however it is significant and in keeping with the position of ABSOLUT in the beverage industry.

What types of media will the campaign be running in?

The campaign will launch in print, TV, cinema, online and out-of-home. As the campaign unfolds and evolves, you can expect a greater mix of cutting-edge media and points of engagement.

How many TV spots in total are being created for the campaign?

For the global launch, we have developed four spots for TV and cinema.Three from the U.S. and one from Paris.

How are you capitalizing on the campaign? Are you doing any promotional tours, events, guerrilla stunts?

The campaign has appeared unexpectedly in many areas through guerilla efforts. For example, our partners at TBWA\Berlin executed a mock protest pillow fight outside of the G - 8 meetings in Germany this year.


What is ABSOLUT trying to convey with the spot?

In Aa ABSOLUT World, there would be a higher form of conflict resolution ? one a little less extreme and consequential.

Is ABSOLUT trying to comment on any particular event?

No. Protesting is a very common in the human experience ? often with negative consequences. We are asking what if…

Is this spot commentary directed at any governments, individual or group?

Absolutely not. We are not being political in any way here.

Where was the spot shot?

Montevideo, Uruguay.

Who directed it?

Fredrik Bond, one of the world's most highly-regarded and award-winning commercials directors in the business,worked with Academy Award winning cinematographer, Guillermo Navarro.

How many people were used in the spot?

Roughly 700.

How many pillows/lbs. of feathers were used in the spot?

We used two tons of feathers and hundreds of pillows.

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