14th China Advertising Festival will be held at Tsingtao


BEIJING: China Advertising Festival(中国广告节), one of major industrial awards will present its 14th conference during September 21 to 23, at Tsingtao, Shandong province.

Originally named as “National Excellent Ad Works Exhibition”, China Advertising Festival was first held in Beijing in 1982. And then cities of Hangzhou , Nanchang , Guangzhou and Wuxi , etc, held the second to sixth China Advertising Festival continuously. With the rapid development of China 's advertising industry, especially with the increase of the entry numbers and scale extension, “National Excellent Ad Works Exhibition” has been renamed as “China Advertising Festival” since the 7 th CAF in 2000. It has been successfully held for 13 times.

Authorized by the State Administration of Industry and Commerce of P.R.China, held by China Advertising Association, China Advertising Festival is the most authorative, most professional, largest size and most influential national event in China 's advertising industry. It consists of national professional competitions, media exhibitions, equipment exhibitions, business communication and summits. It not only accelerates the development of China 's advertising industry, but also promotes the communication and cooperation between domestic and international advertising industries.

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